Sacramento Sees Future at All-Star Weekend

Posted by Chris Lehane on 26 June 2012

The dream becomes real in Orlando this All-Star Weekend, on display for Sacramento to see and take notes.

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Nexus Plan

Posted by Ted Gaines and Darrell Steinberg on 6 September 2011

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The long, winding road from the tuxedoes of Kings Opening Night 1985 to the cowbells that riled Phil Jackson in 2002 is about to take a sweeping turn toward the future.

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World Class City

Posted by Lina Fat on 1 August 2011

Mayor Kevin Johnson mentioned Sacramento to be a “World Class City”. Many people relate this to New York, London and Paris. To me, a world class city is the nucleus of a strong region that has open space, variety of housing availability, diversity, sustainable farming, green technology, job opportunities, strong business base, arts and culture, great choice in colleges and universities. These are the amenities that Sacramento Region has, plus two rivers, and lakes. To sustain a great region, the nucleus which is the City of Sacramento has to be economically and culturally strong. Part of the strength is the building of the Sports and Entertainment Complex which will bring not only big scale arts and culture, entertainment, sports, large conventions, but also jobs for people who live in the region. This complex will be our Civic Center and we need to build it right, supported by the whole region and be proud of it.

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Think Big Sacramento

Posted by Troy Bedal on 15 July 2011

I couldn’t have asked for a more memorable and honorable birthday experience for my daughter and I to have been chosen as a ‘Citizen Architect’ for the four-county bus tour with Think Big Sacramento. I was one of the lucky chosen applicants to be apart of this tour by simply getting involved with the application process at Becoming apart of Think Big Sacramento isn’t anything new to me. I’ve gotten involved with #HereWeStay and #HereWeBuild through their many rallies they’ve organized and letters they’ve developed to be forwarded off to City Council members of Sacramento and Anaheim, along with the NBA Board of Governors and David Stern expressing how important and viable of a market Sacramento is.

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